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Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets

Alexandria Families For Safe Streets (AFSS) brings the community together to create safe streets for all people to walk and bike, by telling the impact stories, increasing political support, and influencing change in policies and investments that eliminate traffic-related fatalities and injuries in our city. Why does Alexandria Families for Safe Streets exist? Alexandria streets are Unsafe - Four pedestrian were struck and killed in 2016 - An average of 72 pedestrians were struck and injured annually (2008 to 2016), and nearly 90 pedestrians were injured in 2016. - Death and injury on our streets are unacceptable and are preventable. There are two factors that lead to tragic, but preventable injuries: • SPEED: Speed is responsible the same number of pedestrian injuries as driving under the influence. Traffic speed is the strongest predictor of whether a person is seriously injured or killed when hit by a car. • FAILURE TO YIELD: Motorists often do not yield to pedestrians, especially when vehicles are turning. A “failure to yield” to people in crosswalks accounts for a significant percentage of crashes into people walking. AFSS’ key message is simple: Our city has committed to safe streets for all people in Alexandria by acknowledging that traffic deaths and serious injuries are unacceptable and preventable. We support our city and its leaders by acknowledging that all people have a right to streets that are safe and accessible for all. We seek to partner with the City of Alexandria and others to Implement Vision Zero Now, i.e. take effective near-term actions that will make a difference and prevent additional people from being killed and maimed. What exactly does AFSS do? • We advocate for the installation of infrastructure improvements that reduce excessive vehicle speed, save lives and improve everyday mobility for all residents and visitors of Alexandria; • We endorse Vision Zero’s four “E’s” – Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Evaluation; • We strongly encourage and seek to partner with the City of Alexandria for an expeditious implementation of a Vision Zero plan in Alexandria; and, • We tell the real-life stories of crash survivors that illustrate why a Vision Zero policy is important to creating a safer, more accessible, and more inviting community for our residents and visitors.
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets2 days ago
“A recent study of speed camera corridors in Maryland and D.C. found cameras significantly cut the number of drivers going more than 10 mph over the posted speed limit. Past studies identified other measurable safety improvements, including a significant reduction in the number of injuries in the event of a crash.”
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets6 days ago
“Pedestrians accounted for one-third of the 290 traffic deaths in the greater Washington area last year — their largest proportion of the region’s road fatalities in more than a decade. ”

We must do better!
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets7 days ago
Good article in Sunday's Feb 10th Washington Post edition about the risks to pedestrians and cyclists on the roads around the DC region, including Alexandria. In addition to the tragedy of a fatality by vehicle violence, the article explains the consequences to the seriously injured. Very little publicity is given to the toll that vehicles crashing into human bodies can inflict upon crash survivors.

Police Department, City of Alexandria, Virginia
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets1 week ago
2019 Washington Region Vision Zero Summit
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets
Alexandria’s Families for Safe Streets2 weeks ago
Wednesday Feb 6, 9:30am

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating a pedestrian involved crash at Duke and Peyton Streets. The pedestrian has serious injuries and was transported to the hospital. The intersection is CLOSED during investigation. Expect police activity in the area.‬

7 days ago
Good article in Sunday's Washington Post about Pedestrians risk on the DC region's roads. @AlexandriaVATES @luzcita
1 week ago
Vision Zero Summit 2019 | Washington Area Bicyclist Association
2 weeks ago
AFSS did not win the Zendrive $50K grant but had the most retweets, which reflects broad community support for AFSS & its partners. Thank you to all who helped. AFSS will continue to try to make our streets safer for all. #ACPSk12 #AlexandriaVAPD #LylesCrouch #JeffHoustonPK8
3 weeks ago
Pedestrian Hit, Killed Near His Alexandria Home | NBC AFSS comments on speeding and the need for technology and safety enforcement.
3 weeks ago
Webinar: Resources and Tools for Implementing a Zero-Fatality Goal Program